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AUDACIA Software - OWBasic for PV
AUDACIA Software

OWBasic for PV

OWBasic implements BASIC for the Pocketviewer family from Casio. The programs have to be written as memo. The version 0.53 (or later) of IEdit is available, which allows to edit a program and then directly to start OWBasic to compile and execute it.

After starting OWBasic you get a menu of the available basic programs. The selected program will be executed by first compiling the program to a binary code and then starting the interpreter. This results in a high execution speed.

OWBasic is an open source project and is released under the GNU General Public License.

OWBasic was originally developed by Wolfgang Ortmann up to version 4.02.

The online HTML documentation is available here.

Current versions:

Version 4.4
Version 5.0 Beta 6
Version 5.2